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6 Custom Iron on Soccer logo 3"
6 Custom Iron on Soccer logo 3"

6 Custom Iron on Soccer logo 3"

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6 iron on soccer logos. 

Must fit in a 3" by 3" area. It will be laser cut and shipped on a heat transfer so you can press it on your jerseys at home. It is super easy, and only takes about 20 seconds!

Be sure to send us your logo by email. It may be a JPEG, PDF, or Illustrator file. 

The better the picture quality, the better the logo will come out. Also, we may be able to make small adjustments to the image, but we can't make extensive changes without additional fees.

Also, include your phone number and we can either call or text in case there are any issues with the image.

Simply place on the desired location of the jersey, and with a regular iron press on a circular motion over the logo. Allow to be cool to the touch, and remove. If it is still stuck on the transfer, repeat process. Once the logo cools down you can press peel the clear transfer. Video coming soon.